A series of short stories exposing the unsavory side of the human condition while crossing paths with the manifestation of darkness in all its various guises. Featuring true-to-life characters who are caught in bizarre and dire situations and must face their most formidable horrors — including themselves. Packed with terror, shock, dread, and, most of all, cruel irony.

The Multifarious Mystique of Big Dan Rob

One Man, Two Lives, a Myriad of Evil

by TK. Watkins

In a world where people harbor split personalities, meet one man whose life goes beyond the ordinary, operating in two completely separate worlds — one mundane, one dark and monstrous. His opposing selves ultimately clash, leading toward a potentially devastating outcome. Will he overcome his grisly half before it’s too late?

It is called the Peerage and “Big Dan Rob” Wroblewski — sales executive, husband, dad, and ultimate go-getter — finds himself caught in a nightmarish world where he unknowingly engages in a secret occultist circle, snaring innocent victims and performing esoteric acts of brutality, all for the sake of their master, Don Lope de Barón — the Wolf Baron.
His shadowy persona finally rears its ugly head, penetrating his professional life, with shocking and deadly results. How he grapples with this truth eventually lures him down a path that threatens all that he’s worked hard for, including his most cherished blessing — his family.


by TK. Watkins

Things aren’t what they seem.

What happens when a successful businessman’s identity is tampered with, leading to the risk of exposing a secret he’s been desperately trying to bury? Meet Patrick, a man who seems to have it all, yet faces the frightening possibility of throwing it away because of his own hubris and ignorance. How far will he go to protect his identity and keep his secret hidden?

He’s minutes away from boarding his flight and saying goodbye to his previous life as an overworked, privileged financial executive, but when Patrick Heliher is stopped at the gate and denied from boarding, his plans to start over come unraveled, setting up a series of bizarre and disturbing events that cut him off from the outside world and threaten to reveal a secret he’s been desperate to leave behind. Though mild-mannered and sophisticated on the surface, his ordeal exposes cracks in his personality, bringing out the worst in him as he sees his whole world collapsing before his eyes.

See how far Patrick goes to protect his identity while he cunningly schemes to get to his destination and shakes off his murky past. While things may not appear as they seem, Patrick fights to keep others from discovering the truth, only to be vanquished and humiliated in the end.

Terminal is a story of arrogance, paranoia, and malignant narcissism — in the face of a deeper reality few can bear to fathom.

The Entrenched and the Eternal

by TK. Watkins

A slow afternoon at Sal’s Tavern ends with a pair of long-time barflies at odds with each other, leading them to reveal a much longer feud that connects them to a mysterious and seemingly dubious past they share. Are their stories to be believed or are they just putting one on?

Merle and Herb have been frequenting Sal’s Tavern for years, mingling and mixing it up with the other regulars who’ve pulled up to the bar, knocked down a cold one, and shot the breeze. But today is no ordinary day — it quickly devolves into a weird and unsettling muddle. As both men erupt in a fiery dust-up with each other, Merle candidly sheds light on an allegedly long, sweeping past they shared, one entangled in arcane mysticism and hidden, far-reaching secrets concealed from the world. But when he mentions their history goes back centuries, it’s enough to write them off as just another couple of windbags spinning folk tales. However, for all the hot air generally spewed at Sal’s, one thing becomes clear: if you think your life is a drag, just listen to the guy sitting next to you. It can be a whole lot worse — even the epitome of hell.

The Entrenched and the Eternal is a story of lost ambitions, egomania, and unquenchable greed.


The Proprietor

by TK. Watkins

Times are changing fast for George Pavlikis. Will the outer world threaten his own secretly guarded inner world? Not if he can stop it.

Early synopsis: a comic book store owner faces an uncertain future and is desperate to keep a dark, hidden secret from being revealed.