Chris Lee Taylor

Chris is the author of the upcoming book, Don’t Look Back, filled with quick-paced action and tension-packed thrills. He enjoys writing about brave, ordinary people confronting extraordinary and perilous circumstances and who must rise to the occasion to combat the mortal threats they face. He lives in the midwest.

TK. Watkins

Author of the series Grim Tales, Sordid Werks, & Other Compendiaries, he exposes the murky underbelly of the human condition and intersects it with the manifestation of darkness in all its guises — a truly volatile clash of elements that promises its share of terror and shock. He also takes pride in creating thought-provoking stories of realistic characters caught in odd and sometimes grave situations where their most menacing obstacle they have to overcome is themselves.

Tracy Tomkowiak

Creator of the series American Film-Flam and the upcoming book, Canis. Tracy likes to poke fun at some of our long-established institutions and cultural norms using biting humor and satire. But he also likes to write lighthearted stories about people’s everyday aspirations and disappointments as they make their way through life. Tracy is the publisher and jack of all trades for Alden Press Books, including the cover and art designer. He lives in the Chicago area.