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We are a publishing house dedicated to delivering imaginative and engaging stories, featuring ordinary, everyday people caught in extraordinary situations — from the absurd and comical, to the dark and perilous. No boring, insipid fare here. No predictable, regurgitated plot lines, either. Just genuine, unfettered fiction made to entertain, stimulate, and occasionally tickle the neural pathways of our readers’ brains.

Fresh, Original Stories. Always Flavorful!

Our snappy catchphrase may sound like a food product slogan, but it perfectly encapsulates our commitment to providing unique content across multiple genres. No bland, boring stuff. Only plain, honest-to-goodness fun and a welcoming bit of diversion. Fully-enriched, wholesome — and never pasteurized!


Our Books and Series

We continue to add new series and books as fast as we can write them, so check here to see the latest publications.


by Tracy Tomkowiak

Spiritually lost and disaffected, a young man seeks meaning in his life and his faithful dog helps him rediscover joy and connection to the greater world of wonder.

Grim Tales, Sordid Werks, & Other Compendiaries

by TK. Watkins

A series of horror stories featuring the clash between flawed and troubled individuals and the manifestation of darkness in all its guises. Teeming with terror, seething with cruel irony.

Don’t Look Back

by Chris Lee Taylor

A sudden invasion by a terrifying horde of creatures forces a man to come to grips with his past so he can save himself, his town, and, most of all, his long-lost son.

American Flim-Flam

by Tracy Tomkowiak

A series that pokes fun at some of our cultural institutions, lampooning our over-glorified heritage. Featuring a plethora of oddball characters and outlandish situations. Chocked full of biting humor and satire.


Discover Our Lineup of Authors

Each of our authors has a distinctive voice and keen intention to the overall themes of their works. Collectively they share a passion for characters that everyone can relate to and follow all the way to the end of their journey. Their witty slogan: Fully Enriched Characters. Fortified, Wholesome Stories. Always Fresh, Never Frozen.